Dallas International Trading and Solutions Knowledge ArbitrageTM program is designed to provide your company with a unique business solution specifically adapted for you.  Dallas International Trading and Solutions has over 100 years of firsthand experience with services, assets, ideas and operational acumen in over 70 countries. This allows Dallas International Trading and Solutions Executive Team to use its global experience to develop the best solution for your company. Dallas International Trading and Solutions’ extensive international experience positions it to support clients in establishing the ability to quickly innovate, nimbly review trends and take decisive actions that create an ability within the organization to stay at the peak of the commercial value chain. Dallas International Trading and Solutions maximizes your idea to its fullest commercial potential by applying the strategies and tactics that Dallas International Trading and Solutions has previously used or experienced in various industries and geographies to your business, thereby monetizing those ideas into a viable business proposition. With our global expertise in many industries, we consult with your organization and take your idea from inspiration and conceptualization to realization and placement. With the integration of effective successful strategies, our goal is to help you market viable goods and services, acquire and optimize assets and improve financial performance by increasing your operational acumen.

Managing Director, Carlton Dallas, heads a virtual leadership team of experienced business leaders, facilitators, trainers and consultants who have more than 100 years of combined experience in leadership modules, finance, brand and product development, sales and marketing, supply chain efficiency and international trading.

Leadership development is the second core service we provide. We work closely with firms, mostly multinational in scope, who want to develop Global talent for key cross cultural Executive Level positions. We nurture the ability within the client to review cultural paradigms and help provide a level playing field for talent, regardless of the country of origin, thereby helping the client produce talent that is competitive and productive when judged by tough Global standards.

Business turnaround consulting or operational guidance is the third core service provided by Dallas International Trading and Solutions. The business turnaround service provides an organizational model that enables the client to identify and address key operating trends that can produce amplified improvements in financial and operating performance within a very short timeframe.

Holding true to our Tenets of Leadership we leverage global relationships, by utilizing our international business leadership and experience, to enable our clients to monetize their business ideas, goods and services, assets and operations in the global marketplace.

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